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    Company and Community that shares the same views on reshaping the industry of cleaning products and creating safe ecologically-friendly alternatives to your cleaning.

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Our Future

    OrangeNet is a group of young motivated individuals who are passionate about preserving natural wonders of our planet and creating a greener world for generations to come. Our planet is a beautiful place and we want to keep it this way.

    These days cleaning industry offers a wide array of chemical cleaners that are harmful to you and Mother Nature. Orange Net products, however are based on all-natural ingredients and are safe for you and your loved ones. Our cleaners are 98.9% bio-degradable; therefore the impact on the environment is negligible.

About us

OrangeNet was recently founded by a group of young scientists led by Kate Osipova, a strong-minded visionary with a goal of making our world safer in mind. Although the company has only been incorporated in 2016, the work on developing our products has been going on for few years as well as marketing and business efforts were summoned to bring this project to life.

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