Limonene is the main ingredient of OrangeNet products. Limonene takes its name from the lemon, as the rind of the lemon, like other citrus fruits, contains considerable amounts of this compound, which contributes to their odor. Limonene is obtained commercially from citrus fruits through two primary methods: centrifugal separation or steam distillation.Limonene is common in cosmetic products. As the main odor constituent of citrus (plant family Rutaceae), d-limonene is used in food manufacturing and some medicines, e.g. as a flavoring to mask the bitter taste of alkaloids, and as a fragrance in perfumery, aftershave lotions, bath products and other such products that include fragrance; it is also used as botanicalinsecticide, the d enantiomer is most active as an insecticide. It is added to cleaning products such as hand cleansers to give a lemon-orange fragrance (see orange oil) and because of its ability to dissolve oils. In contrast, l-limonene has a piney, turpentine-like odor. In natural and alternative medicine, d-limonene is marketed to relieve gastroesophageal reflux disease and heartburn

Limonene is increasingly being used as a solvent for cleaning purposes, such as the removal of oil from machine parts, as it is produced from a renewable source (citrus oil, as a by product of orange juice manufacture). It is used as a paint stripper and is also useful as a fragrant alternative to turpentine. Limonene is also used as a solvent in some model airplane glues and as a constituent in some paints. All-natural commercial air fresheners, with air propellants, containing limonene are used by philatelists to remove self-adhesive postage stamps from envelope paper. Limonene is also finding increased use as a solvent for filament-fused 3D printing. Printers can print the plastic of choice for the model, but erect supports and binders from HIPS, a polystyrene plastic that is easily soluble in limonene. As it is combustible, limonene has also been considered as a biofuel. Reaction Motors, Inc. also tried d-limonene as a rocket fuel. "All during the runs the test area was blanketed with a delightful odor of lemon oil." In preparing tissues for histology or histopathology, d-limonene is often used as a less toxic substitute for xylene when clearing dehydrated specimens. Clearing agents are liquids miscible with alcohols (such as ethanol or isopropanol) and with melted paraffin wax, in which specimens are embedded to facilitate cutting of thin sections for microscopy. d-Limonene is used in the organic herbicide "Avenger."


Name Indication Pre-study Phase I Phase II Phase III Regulatory
Air FreshnerOn-Af1
Hand SanitizerOn-hs1.3
Expected in June 2018
Glass CleanerOn-gs2.2
Furniture PolishOn-fp001
Laundary Deter.On-1.ld
Kitch/Bath CleanerOn-1.1kbc
Fabric SoftnerOn-1.4fbs
Tiles/Wood CleanerOn-0.9twc
Dishwashing Liq.On-dddl

Our team at OrangeNet has achieved amazing results in developing the product. However as most new initiative we lack support in order to put OrangeNet cleaners to production. We have decided to post the project on a Kickstarter because we believe that common effort will bring better results and will at the same time raise public awareness of the ecological hazards of today’s commercial and household cleaners.

You have Questions We have Answers

Orange Net is a company that has created a line of ecologically safe products also named Orange Net.
We are located in Wilmington DE.
Currently our products are not sold. We have completed the development stage and are anticipating to launch production this fall. However, by supporting us on kickstarter you will receive samples of the product and promotional kit that includes baseball cap, t-shirt, multi-use grocery bag and samples of our cleaners that will vary in size depending on your contribution.
Yes they are. They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and bio-degradable.
Our products will be a match in price of regular conventional cleaners you currently buy.
This is wrong! The formula we have created using various concentration of limonene and other ingredients to create the product that is tough on dirt and soft on hands.
Our products contain natural essential oils, lactic acid, coconut and other fruit acids. All our products are 100% natural.